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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Rainy Days

Love can turn your world upside down. Love is strength. Love is hope. Love is kindness. All these love meanings I found (again) when I watched My Rainy Days, a Japanese movie. I fell for its title the first time I saw it. Rainy days, I love rainy days (especially when I’m at home...kekekek). At first I thought this Japanese movie was all about sorrow and depression so I kind of postponing it, to watch it I mean. Well I was totally wrong. Black, grey, orange and pink, I could feel all these colours in it. Now let’s take a closer look on My Rainy Days.

Rio Ozawa had a very painful experience when she was 14 years old. It affected her so much. From this horrible experience of hers she came to think that it will be better if she’s the one who hurts others. At that same time, Kouki Ozawa was diagnosed with a deadly brain cancer. He then decided to live his life peacefully and died peacefully, in the end. These two people lived their life on their own way, until that funny destined meeting. Ozawa, their last name brought them together in an unthinkable way. A sweet meeting on a rainy day. Love at the first sight confirmed! Hahah.

The way these two Ozawa expressed their feelings to each other fascinated me. The aggresive, cheerful and daring approach by Rio and the timid, soft and awkward withdrawal by Kouki. It was predictable actually, but, I don’t know... it was so interesting and sweet and cute and warm. Rio found her brighter side because her love for Kouki. Kouki found his true happiness in his life because of Rio. Rio and Kouki, both of them, put a brighter colour to each other.

After so many tiring and daring approaches done by Rio and a kiss of approval from Kouki, they became lovers. Like other couples who were in love, they were so happy. Unfortunately, there was a big hole in this relationship. Kouki never told Rio about his sickness. He thought that his sickness was not a burden for Rio to bear. The story flows as I expected. They broke up (because of some boring reasons). Kouki left to die in peace. Rio was very sad and depressed because of this (well, of course). In the end, Rio found Kouki whereabouts. They met. Only then Rio get to know what was the reason behind Kouki’s acts. Finally they could tell their stories to each other honestly. Open up about everything. Rio succeeded in convincing Kouki to get the surgery to cure his cancer even though there was a very high possibility that he might lose all his memories. At the end of the movie, a rainy day, Rio once again met Kouki. A “new” Kouki. She tried to re-enact their first meeting. Well it worked! That sweet memory ticked Kouki’s brain (maybe a little). They end up hugging. The end.

The story was a very basic one though. A typical love story with a dying long-awaited lover. Sweet indeed. But the thing was that this movie could present this typical love story into something new to me. I’m not a fan of this kind of love story but I like My Rainy Days very much. The scenes were all unique. It felt like I was reading a novel. So beautiful... Both Rio and Kouki changed. They changed because of their love. Love changed them. Wow. 8,5 out of 10.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Butterfly with Leopard Print

I happened to meet this cute little butterfly when I took my shower.
It has an interesting print on it. Never seen one before.
I didn't really know this type of butterfly is like to be outside or inside.
It didn't move at all when I take its picture, maybe because it was surrounded by spider webs.
It scared being caught by the webs. (Yeah, of course it is you fool!!!) Then I released it and let it went inside the house, but it flew outside.
Hmh, now it will be hard to catch a glimpse of it... Hope it will be alright...
잘가, 나비... 잘살아...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Today's dishwashing companion

Arrgh!!! BackyardDwellers and DailyShots page drive me crazy!!! I just gonna post my photos here... And here is today's photo. 자잔...

This fellow just staying there when I do my daily dishwashing... It doesn't seem scared to me at all... Weird...
Aren't you cold fella? Or you just like being wet?