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Sunday, March 6, 2011

[EngTrans] 바보를 위한 노래 ( A Song for a Fool) 미남이시네요 OST (You're Beautiful OST)

난바보라서 그런가봐
Maybe it's because I'm a fool
아프게해도 괜찮은가봐
Even when she hurts me, it's okay
못난 사랑이라 놀려대도
Even if they make fun of our love
어쩔수 없는 바보라서
It's because I can't help being a fool

내가 원해 잘해줬던 걸
She treated me well
그것만으로 행복했던 걸
I was happy with just that
한번이라도 웃어주면
If she smile just once
그 미소로 행복해
I am happy with just her smile

그녀가 사랑 할 사람 올때까지
Until someone arrives that is beloved to her
이렇게 그녀 곁에서 있을뿐이야
I'm going to stay by her side
줄 수 있어 행복한 사랑이라
With this love, I'm happy to give my everything to her
아무것도 바라지않아
I don't expect anything

언제든 손내밀면 닿을 그곳에
Whenever she needs me, I will give her a hand
언제든 불러주면 들릴 그곳에
Whenever she calls me, I will hear her

변함없이 그곳에 있어줄게
Unconditionally, I will be there
그녈 사랑하니까
Because I love that girl
난 바보라서
Because I'm a fool

Source: 미남이시네요 DVDs and my Korean little sister e-mail reply. Special thanks to 김보임 내 한국인 사랑하는 여동생 ^^

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