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Thursday, February 9, 2012

[Diary] Rainbow!!! XD

무지개다!!! ^^

2012 년 2 월 8 일, 수요일
Today was not that special, except the fact that I have a job interview at a factory. Well, to tell you the truth, it is not my favourite job. It is just that a quite a good job to support myself for quite a while I guess...heheh. So I prepared myself well for this opportunity. But, it was not an ordinary day after all. On my way to the interview I met a bunch of little girls that greeted me with big smile. You know that I'm an anti-social person, so that quite a surprised for me. Hahah!
Arrive at the factory, I waited for the interview to begin. It took a while u see... I was bored, so I looked up to see the sky...
Well the interview went so-so, but it was really tiring I tell you!!! After the interview I decided to go to a friend's place to grab something to eat... I was standing at the back gate of the factory and enjoying the very beautiful scenery as I waited for my friend to pick me up...
Just look at this...
My hunger was gone once I filled up myself with the prepared meal at my friend's place. We chatted for a while until I stunned to see a very rare phenomena was occuring. IT'S A RAINBOW!!! I was so excited to see the beauty of the rainbow after so many years. It felt like blessing to me.

I and my friend hurriedly went to the 2nd floor to see the rainbow clearer. And wow!!! You can see what we saw... That is the opening pic. While at the second floor I took some wonderful pics...

I didn't do any editting, it is just the way it is... BEAUTIFUL!!! I will keep this day really well in my memories... A rare happiness and beauty... ^^
If you wanna see the video version you can watch the rainbow here ^^

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