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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Add a Banner to Your Blog on Blogspot (Masang Banner di Blogmu @ Blogspot)

Halo! he... XD nerusin post yang tadi nih. Bilingual lagi kayanya... moodnya lagi bagus! hoho! Okay, buat blogger yang pengen tau gimana cara nge add banner di blog kamu, seperti yang aku alamin tadi siang, info ini insya Alloh akan sangat berguna. Okay! So, let's start with the english version!

- Make an account in image hosting site such as photobucket.
- Upload your desired images there and then copy the image code. Just simply click it and it will be copied automatically.
- Open your blog, go to design->add a gadget->choose the text gadget.
- Type:

- Click save and view your blog to see the result.

Indonesian version
- Buat account di image hosting site seperti photobucket.
- Upload image yang kamu inginkan buat jadi banner di account itu lalu copy image codenya. Click aja image codenya ntar otomatis kecopy sendiri ko...
- Buka blogmu, buka design->add a gadget->pilih yang text.
- Ketik:

- Click save terus liat blog mu deh buat liat hasilnya.

Selamat mencoba!


  1. ah...the pictures are mess... i don't know why i can't get it right... if u're confused with the image...just let me know. hhh...

  2. Yeah!at last!!!i can get it right! Thanks Alloh...^^