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Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Most Perfect Graduation Ceremony

From left: Intan, Mugi, Mother, Imam, Aisah and me at the front.

I'm kinda in mood to write today... So I'll just type anything that came cross to my mind.Hehe...
My college graduation ceremony was held not long ago. It was at the end of September 2010.
I always want a perfect farewell, especially on graduation. I invited my close friends and my family members that day.
But sadly, only few of them could make it to the ceremony. I had 2 missing close friends and a dad who can't come that day.
Unfortunately, I didn't have any boyfriend that day, but it's okay though. Hehe. Although I still feel a strange loss.
I always remember how perfect it was. Being with our beloved person on such an important day is the most beautiful give.
Don't you agree? Thank you dear mother, brother, sister, and friends to accompany me on such a meaningful day... I love you...
And for all my classmates in college... I miss you guys!!! Love you all!!! XD

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