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Monday, January 24, 2011

How to Train Your Dragon

I was so unlucky to miss this movie while it was still showing at the cinemas. But finally... I've watched it. And I gotta tell you this is a very good movie for all your family members. I'm sure that most of you have seen it. but for the ones who haven't don't read this post until the end cos it has spoiler section. Just don't ruined the surprises...hehe... So, happy reading!^^ And be sure to watch the movie too...
Movie Poster

Have seen any dragons who learn to smile? hahaha XD

Beautiful Friendship: Full of Loyalty

Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) is the son of the chief Viking, Stoick (voiced by Gerard Butler), on the island of Berk. The Vikings have been plagued by attacks of dragons raiding their livestock and destroying their homes; their lair has remained elusive from Stoick's searches. Hiccup, scrawny and destructively clumsy compared to others in his community, attempts to compensate by building contraptions to kill dragons, specifically the most dangerous dragon known, the mysterious Night Fury, whom no one has ever fought and survived, to earn some respect, most importantly with Astrid (voiced by America Ferrera), a competently aggressive girl of his age intent on joining the Viking ranks.

After the latest dragon attack, Stoick organizes yet another search for the dragons' nest, while signing Hiccup up for dragon killing lessons with other children under the tutelage of Gobber (voiced by Craig Ferguson), the local blacksmith. Between lessons, Hiccup explores the nearby woods and finds that one of his inventions has indeed trapped a Night Fury, damaging its tailwing. Hiccup tries to kill it but cannot bring himself to do so, and instead cuts the dragon free. The dragon pins him down and roars at him but then disappears. Hiccup returns later to find the dragon cannot fly away from a small depressed glade due to the condition of its tail. Hiccup becomes friendly to the dragon, and over time he learns what actions please or distress the Night Fury. In understanding how he can make the Night Fury react, Hiccup is able to transfer this knowledge to his dragon training classes and "defeats" the foes Gobber sets on the class through pacification, becoming renowned in his community as a formidable warrior, much to Astrid's dismay. Due to the dragon's retractable teeth, Hiccup names the Night Fury "Toothless".

Hiccup secretly fashions a make-shift prosthetic tail and riding assembly, allowing him to guide Toothless in free flight. Hiccup and Toothless develop a close bond over time, and Hiccup finds that other dragons can be similarly domesticated. One day, Hiccup finds Astrid spying on them; worried that Astrid will reveal this to the rest of the village, Hiccup has Toothless bring Astrid aboard, then shows Astrid the joys of flying. However, while soaring, Toothless finds himself lured along with a flock of dragons returning with stolen livestock, heading towards a volcanic island. Inside, they find the dragons fearfully serve a gargantuan dragon (a Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus) living inside the island, feeding it the stolen livestock to avoid being eaten themselves. Hiccup, Astrid, and Toothless escape and return to Berk. By this time, Stoick and the fleet have returned, having failed to find the lair themselves.

The next day, Hiccup is put to the final test, and when he refuses to kill the offered dragon and instead tries to pacify it, Stoick attempts to end the fight, scaring the dragon and putting Hiccup's life in danger. Toothless hears Hiccup's screams and saves his life from the other dragon, but is soon caught by the other Vikings. Hiccup is forced to reveal his training and the lair, and Stoick, after disowning his son, sets out with another fleet, using a chained-up Toothless to guide them. Left alone, Astrid helps the aggrieved Hiccup come to a personal epiphany that his empathy and daring inventiveness with Toothless are in fact strengths of a worthy warrior. Thus inspired, he convinces Astrid and the other teenagers to pacify and mount the other training dragons to set off to try to stop the Viking fleet, yet unaware of the giant dragon awaiting them.

The children are too late to prevent the Vikings from rousing the monstrous dragon against them, but they are able to delay it long enough for the Vikings to retreat safely, and for Hiccup and Stoick to free Toothless. Hiccup and Toothless lead the giant dragon on a dangerous flight, eventually into a direct descent to the ground. As the giant dragon nearly devours them, Toothless turns around and ignites the dragon's breath; the dragon cannot stop and collides into the ground, killing it and releasing a giant fireball. Hiccup falls out of his saddle and blacks out, but as he falls towards the flames, Toothless saves his boy and protects him from the flames with his wings, much to Stoick, Astrid, and the other Vikings' relief.

Some time later, Hiccup wakes up from the injuries and finds himself back in Berk. Toothless is in his home, and Hiccup finds out that he has lost his left foot, replaced with an artificial limb Gobber made. Whatever regrets he has are quickly forgotten when he exits the house to find that the Vikings and dragons are living together. Hiccup is celebrated as a hero by everyone, particularly Stoick and Astrid. Hiccup and Astrid race their dragons through the newly-reformed Berk, signifying a new beginning for both worlds.


Personal taste: I love Night Fury! I love Hiccup! I want to have a dragon as a pet... hahaha XD
From this movie I learn to be what I meant to be, to be what I really wanted to be...
Make a change in a static environment sure needs lots of sacrifices but we shouldn't give up...
Who knows... Someday... We can make a better world for all of us...
Like Hiccup and Night Fury did... Love you guys...really... ^^

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