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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to Input Korean Characters (한글) in Windows7 Ultimate

This is my own experience.Why Korean? Because I like some male entertainers from Korea. A very simple and childish reason right?
The first time I fall in love with Korean is from the drama (꽃보다 남자)

, and then falling in love with one of the characters who's played by 김현중 (SS501 Leader)

then I like SS501->

like Kpop->like the guys personality->and finally, wants to understand their language!
So, bahasa Indonesia lagi ah... Intinya... ingin berbagi pengalaman aja... Hayu... Ah...
Sebenernya sih settingan ini juga berlaku buat yang pengen ngetik bahasa yang punya simbol sendiri, kaya Arab, Jepang, trus China, dll lah pokoknya. Here we go!

- Open Control Panel->

Clock, Language, and Region->

change keyboard or other input methods->

keyboards and language->change keyboard

- In General click add.

Select Korean->Korean(Default)->give a check to Microsoft IME->OK->OK
-Now you can start to type with Korean in your computer.
- Change the language by using the language bar on the taskbar.

Click the keyboard icon beside it and choose microsoft IME.

- Change


To easily swap between hangul and alphabet just press ALT.
Confused? Just ask... ^^

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